If you visit Living Waters Bible Camp, you will notice in the Lodge there is a wall dedicated to the history of the camp. This wall tells the story from back in the ’60s of how Living Waters started.

The picture below is one of my favorites. It is from before the first cabin was built. Even before the land where the camp is built was purchased. The picture portraits a group of few men getting together at a dining table to pray about building a Christian Camp. Long before the first stone was set, these men had the dream of providing a place where the Word of God will be taught in the context of His creation. A place where families and individuals can get away from the distractions of the city to grow in the relationship with their creator.

God answered the prayers of these men faithfully providing, year after year, what was needed to build and improve the camp. So that 50 years later, there are amazing facilities, programs, summer camps, winter camps, conferences, and retreats, where thousands of people come every to learn about God. And where hundreds of people come to serve and make disciples for Jesus Crist. But think about it: All of this started with a group of few men dreaming big about serving God and praying to God for his provision.

How are we dreaming big and praying to God for his provision today?


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