I was born into a Christian family. So from a very young age, I was taught and educated with the Bible. I loved being part of evangelistic events, I memorized Bible verses, and I could even explain the message of salvation to people. Until one day when I was 6 years old, a young man from the church asked me: – Do you know what’s going to happen to you when you die? I answered with confidence: -Of course I know. I’m going to heaven. He asked why are you going to heaven? Then I answered: because my parents and sisters are Christians.

He explained to me that I was a sinner and needed Christ. He told me that I needed to believe that Christ had paid for my sin and that this was a personal decision. I remember that day when I got back home, I talked to my dad and told him that I didn’t want to go to the lake of fire, that I didn’t want to die forever. So after recognizing my sin before God and asking him for forgiveness. I recognized Him as my personal savior. From that point forward, I decided to obey him and serve him. When I was 10 years old, I was baptized. My journey in Christ has not always been easy, there were trials and difficult times. But God always showed me his faithfulness.

When I turned 15, I hosted a birthday party where I had the opportunity to share Christ with my family and friends that did not know Christ as their savior. Right after this party, it came to my life the biggest trial. My dad decided to disobey God. He left the house. It was not easy to see the man who had taught me what he knew about God now to take a completely different path and turn away from God. It was very difficult to assimilate that my father lived in disobedience to God. For a couple of years, I lived wondering why God had allowed these trials in my life, I tried to understand and questioned everything, even I came to doubt that Christ loved me. The Lord showed me his faithfulness and mercy through some Christians when they reminded me and showed in the Bible God’s great love for me. From that moment on I was able to see his love, faithfulness and mercy. And I decided that everything I did would be for the glory and honor of the Lord.

I began to get involved in all the events and activities of the church (Vacation Bible Schools, evangelistic events, teaching in Sunday school, camps, etc.), I decided that the things of God would always be my priority. Thank God for keeping me faithful and firm in His path. One of the good things that came from this great trial is the good relationship that I now have with my mom.

When I was 20, I joined my life with a great man with whom I had shared many experiences in our working for Christ. With him, I have learned, grown and worked for Christ. During our 11 years of marriage, I have had the opportunity to counsel, help and listen to married and single women in their walk with Christ. Thanks to this I have also seen the hand of God in the lives of others and have experienced his infinite love and power.
But arguably the greatest ministry God has ever placed in my life is the opportunity to work with my children. We have 5 children (Jeremiah 9, David 7, Noemi 6, Lydia 4 and Samuel 1) that we homeschool. This has certainly been the most difficult, stimulating, tired and challenging ministry I have ever had. But it has also been very rewarding to see God work in the lives of my children, and despite my imperfections, He is faithful. The Lord has given me the great opportunity to learn from them and has taken me to limits where I can see that if it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t be able to go on. Being able to minister with these 5 people (souls) and watch them grow, learn and work in unimaginable ways has brought to my life a daily display of God’s love.

It has not been easy to live a life that glorifies God, yet over the years the Lord has shown me his great mercy and love. That despite no deserving anything he has been faithful to me. Trials, pain, and every moment of happiness have taught me to depend on God and to live by trusting in him. A year ago after almost 16 years, my dad decided to return to communion with God, I thank God for that. The Lord continues to show me his mercy every day. And I appreciate the trials you have put into my life with which I realize my great need for him.